Lights go out on recycling

Lights go out on recycling

A longtime holiday lights and cords recycling program isn’t taking place this year. ProAct, which provides jobs and related services for people with disabilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin, isn’t conducting its e-waste recycling program this holiday season. 

ProAct in the past would set up bins at businesses in Twin Cities suburbs and southern Minnesota communities. Holiday lights and cords would be collected and then processed for recycling. Metal in lights and cords has value and can be recycled. The program provided work and also helped the environment. 

Jen Cavalier of ProAct said the program isn’t taking place for a number of reasons. Like other service providers, ProAct has made changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program was also evaluated after last year’s collection and the evaluation results also factored into the decision to not continue. 

Anyone with lights or cords to recycle should contact their home county to see about recycling options. 

(Source: Access Press staff)