Looking for legislative agendas

With the Minnesota Legislature starting its 2019 session on January 8, it’s time for disability advocacy organizations and groups to bring forward ideas for state spending and policy changes.

Access Press is interested in receiving legislative agendas for publication in our December and January issues. Deadline for December is Monday, November 26 and deadline for January is Friday, December 21.

The newspaper will publish as much information as it can, but it would be helpful to have documents indicate which items are an organization or group’s top priorities, so those can be pulled out. Another area of interest is proposals brought forward by consortiums.

It’s also helpful for the newspaper staff to get a reminder of which 2019 items were brought forward in the past, and what changes in language or approach are being made for the upcoming session. The newspaper staff is also interested in learning what if any legislative repeal efforts are out there.

Documents can be sent to Managing Editor Jane McClure at jane@testing.accesspress.org. Call 651-644-2133 if there are questions and we’ll see everyone at the capitol.