May 1998 Issue


1998 Legislative Review: Victories, Compromises, and Losses by Charlie Smith
Court Ruling Gives “Death Sentence” to People with Disabilities, by Bob Griss
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
The Twenty-Four Hour Occupation. by LeAnne Dahl
Bad News and Good News, by Pete Feigal
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
God’s Majestic Creation, by Maureen Pranghofer
A Psychological View of Disability Culture, by Carol J. Gill, Ph.D.
You Get Proud by Practicing, by Laura Hershey
News from Washington, by Access Press Staff
Crossing Bridges to Respect, by Jamilyn Coleman & Graham Higgins
Minnesotans Compete Internationally, by Craig McClellan & Luke Pedersen
Cuts in Special Education, by Mark Wilde
Beyond Our Comfort Level, by Katie O’Brien

Here’s the May 1998 Issue. Enjoy!