New Minneapolis Rule On Affirmative Action In The City

FULL TEXT OF MINNEAPOLIS CITY RULE ON AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Directing the Department of Civil Rights to Ensure that City Contractors […]

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Directing the Department of Civil Rights to Ensure that City Contractors take Affirmative Action to Hire People with Disabilities.

Whereas, people with disabilities have for too long faced a triumvirate of barriers to full employment opportunities – economic, physical and attitudinal; and

Whereas, the Minneapolis Commission on Civil Rights together with the Minneapolis Advisory Committee on People with Disabilities and the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights have prepared a report entitled “The Forgotten Minority” which indicates that the number of people with disabilities in the work force is inexcusably low in comparison to their numbers in the general population; and

Whereas, people with disabilities make up the largest minority group in the United States, in Minnesota and in Minneapolis-St. Paul Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area; and

Whereas, the City of Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota have long led the nation in implementing laws prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities; and

Whereas, the federal government has belatedly recognized the rampant discrimination against the people with disabilities by enacting into law on July 26, 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act; and

Whereas, the provisions of Chapter 139.50 of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Ordinance and its implementing Rules and Regulations require City contractors to implement affirmative action plans that will ensure equal opportunity for women, people of color (continued from  page 7)

and people with disabilities; and

Whereas, the Civil Rights Department now has conducted an extensive survey among City contractors which indicates both a willingness and an ability to affirmatively recruit, employ and promote people with disabilities; and

Whereas, the State of Minnesota and the City of Minneapolis have established a goal of 8 percent of its own work forces for people with “disabilities” as defined by Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 363.01 Subd. 25 and Subd. 25a, and Section 363.03 Subd. 1(6); and Minneapolis Code of Ordinances Sections 139.20(ii), 139.30(3) and 139.40(a)(b) and (c);

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved by The City Council of The City of Minneapolis:

That the Department of Civil Rights is directed to require that all city contractors implement Affirmative Action Plans for Disabled Individuals pursuant to the Model Affirmative Action Plan for Qualified Disabled Persons promulgated by the Department August 9, 1990, and that each such contractor endeavor to achieve a goal wherein 8 percent of its work force shall consist of people with disabilities.

Be It Further Resolved that the Department shall seek implementation of such plans for previously certified contractors upon the occasion of such contractor’s annual review and for new contractors prior to final approval of the contract.

Be It Further Resolved that not more than two years from the effective date of this Resolution, the Council shall reconsider the affirmative action goal stated herein.

Adopted and approved by Mayor Don Fraser 11-15-90

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