No Minimum Fare: New wheelchair accessible taxicab companies available

New wheelchair accessible taxicab companies available in the Twin Cities

The supply of wheelchair accessible taxicabs in Minneapolis has been dwindling over the past few years, to the point where recently there was just a single company, with questionable practices and an outrageous minimum fare for wheelchair users. Well, now there’s no more holding us hostage to overcharging and limited service! Effective June 2007, there are several new cab companies with wheelchair accessible taxicabs who want your patronage and do not charge a $20 minimum fare.

A recent ordinance change in the city of Minneapolis requires new taxicab companies to have 10% of their fleet wheelchair accessible within 60 days of getting their taxicab licenses; existing companies have until the end of the year to comply. As a result, four companies now have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle; over the next five months 11 more companies will be required to provide wheelchair-accessible service.