November 1998 Issue

Deaf Advocacy- New Services Planned, by Donna McNamara
Department of Health to License PCA Services, by Ken Moses
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
African American People with Disabilities – Many Unmet Needs Remain, by Jeff Nygaard
Board Restores Funding to Disability Programs, by Peter McLaughlin
Offering Our Miracles, Using our Gifts, by Pete Feigal
How I Spent My Summer Vacation, by Frank Guinello
Evil Among Us, by Cheri Register
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
MA Wheelchair Ruling, by Steven P. Elliot
Social Security: Markets and Societies, by Jeff Nygaard
Crip Caste: Owning Up to the Pecking Order and Prejudice within the Disability Pt. 2, by Victoria Medleys
Team USA Captures Gold and Silver Medals, by Craig McClellan & Luke Pedersen
Congress Fails to Act on Work Incentives, by Bryon R. MacDonald

Here’s the November 1998  issue, all-in-one file! (.pdf file)

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