October 1999 Issue

Table of Contents

Employment Survey: Research Shows America Benefits When People With Disabilities Work  by Charlie Smith
Program Provides Flexible Employment by Amy Farrar
Editor’s Column by Charlie Smith
Resource Guide Available by Jaime Becker
The Key to Y2K:  Be Prepared by Donna McNamara 
Advocate Predicts WIIA To Pass With Compromises by Amy Farrar 
News in Brief – October 1999 by Access Press Staff
What Does It Mean To Be An Ally? by Lolly Lljewski
A Star in the Face of the Sky by Pete Feigal
Help Make Deaf History by Access Press Staff
Sometimes “Nothin” Can Be a Real Cool Hand by Pete Feigal
Hello Nicole – October 1999 by Nicole
What Gives Life in Meaning? by Rich Johnson
Meet the Metropolitan Council by Charlie Smith
Golf Tournament by Access Press Staff

October 1999 Issue  Read the entire issue here!  (.pdf file)

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