Olmstead office seeks input on a new office name

Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan office is up and running but it lacks a unique name. Officials working on implementing the plan would like a public name for the office. Its secondary title would continue to be Olmstead Implementation Office.

During preparation of Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan, the Olmstead Sub-Cabinet was keenly aware of the need for an office to assure that the commitments of the plan, the ‘Promise of Olmstead’ and equal access, would become reality.

The purpose of the Olmstead Implementation Office is to assure that the plan, in its entirety, is implemented. This is the responsibility of the Olmstead Sub-Cabinet, which is made up of leaders from state agencies.

The office staff works on behalf of the sub-cabinet to make sure that the vision, goals and time-specific tasks are achieved. The broad scope and dimensions of the plan necessitates a community effort with the sub-cabinet agencies. A name would better brand and identify the office, which is currently located in downtown St. Paul.

A possible name could be CHOICE, Minnesota’s Olmstead Implementation Office. Office staff and sub-cabinet members are eager to hear the public’s suggestions. The deadline to submit suggestions is Oct. 1. Contact Kristin Jorenby at 651-259-7356 or kristin.jorenby@state.mn.us