Opened Captioning (OC)

The opened captioning symbol is one that is not too widely used, but this month we have an interesting article regarding a venture that is expanding open captioning to others’ groups that might benefit from it, such as ESL or literature groups. Please read the article at the left about InSight Cinema and maybe you will see a way to incorporate this symbol into your business or daily life.

The purpose of this symbol indicates that captions, which translate dialogue and other sounds in print, are always displayed on the videotape, movie or television program. Open Captioning is preferred by many, including deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and people whose second language is English. In addition, it is helpful in teaching children how to read and in keeping sound levels to a minimum in museums and restaurants.

Access Press encourages all of our advertisers, readers, corporations, non-profit agencies and other companies who receive our paper to utilize these symbols when you are promoting your goods, services or other information that you provide us and any other newspaper. It is good business to let everyone know you are accessible, so we encourage you to use OC in your marketing material or information about your company.

For more information about the symbols you can visit the Graphic Artists Guild at or you may also obtain Mac or PC floppy disk copies of all the symbols by contacting the Graphic Artists Guild Foundation at 212-791-3400.