Peer mentoring: win-win

MCIL’s peer mentoring program is on the go

Have you heard about the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living (MCIL) Peer Mentoring Program? MCIL matches a mentee with a disability to a mentor with a disability. Pairs are chosen based on the mentee’s goals. For example, if a mentee wants to start riding the Metro Transit buses, they could be matched with a mentor who is familiar with the local transit system. Matching prospects can be time consuming, but definitely worth the effort.

Corbett Laubignat, Peer Mentoring Coordinator, describes the mentor-mentee relationship as generally a win-win situation. Mentors enjoy giving back to their community, and mentees reach their dreams. Peer mentoring has helped MCIL mentees to enjoy social functions, improve computer skills, communicate clearly, and attain more independence.

Both mentees and mentors receive training about Peer Mentoring. The last mentor training was on April 8th, held at a Minnesota State Council on Disability Town Hall Meeting. Ms. Laubignat testified about her experiences with Minnesota transport systems. The mentors learned about self-advocacy by watching the testimonies of Ms. Laubignat and others. The next mentee training will be held in May.

Many mentees work on social goals. MCIL provides social activities to help create a strong network, and anyone is welcome to attend. The next MCIL Social Night will be on Tuesday, May 27th. Party goers can pick from activities like watching a movie, eating pizza, or playing on a computer. Attending an event could be a great way to discover more about MCIL.

The Peer Mentoring Program has room for new mentees and mentors. For more information about the program, go to or contact Corbett Laubignat: