People and Places – August 2016

Fraser opens behavioral health home Fraser, Minnesota’s largest provider of autism services, launched a new program, Fraser Behavioral Health Home. […]

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Fraser opens behavioral health home

Fraser, Minnesota’s largest provider of autism services, launched a new program, Fraser Behavioral Health Home. The Fraser Behavioral Health Home coordinates all medical and mental health care to support families in managing their child’s health and well-being.

Fraser is one of the initial organizations to be certified by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) for providing behavioral health home services. The program integrates care for children 18 years old and younger, both within Fraser and outside of Fraser. Its staff team oversees all aspects of a child’s health – medical, mental, lifestyle and educational.

“At Fraser we understand the challenges of making appointments and managing communication with many different clinics, therapists, doctors and support services for a child with developmental and health concerns,” said Wendy Berghorst, director of integrated healthcare services. “Fraser Behavioral Health Home will allow parents to focus on their child, while we focus on accessing expert care.” Services similar to behavioral health home have been shown to dramatically increase healthy outcomes for families with complex needs.



New leader for mental health facilities

Marshall Smith has been named health systems chief executive officer in direct care and treatment at the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). He will oversee state-operated facilities and programs that provide mental health treatment to some of the most vulnerable people in Minnesota. He will be responsible for leadership aimed at improving patient care and outcomes, enhancing and strengthening quality and compliance, and overseeing medical services.

“Marshall brings a wealth of experience and expertise as a leader in health care,” said Human Services Commissioner Emily Johnson Piper. “He truly understands and appreciates the unique nature of our hospital-based programs, the challenges we face and our dedication to providing the very best care to our patients.”

Smith will guide the work of state-operated mental health treatment programs across the Minnesota. This includes a network of 16-bed community behavioral health hospitals across as well as the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter and Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center, two of the state’s largest mental health care facilities. Together, 1,800 employees work at these locations.

Smith has served as a top executive in a variety public, nonprofit and for-profit hospitals and health-care systems across the country. Most recently he operated his own health-care consulting business. He holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing and master’s degree in health care administration.

Smith’s dual combination of clinical and management skills is a real advantage for the agency, Johnson Piper said. “He’s an experienced health care practitioner and seasoned administrator and will be a great addition to our hospital-based programs.”



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