Radio Talking Book – April 2019

RTB and BARD The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) is a service of the US […]

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The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) is a service of the US Library of Congress. Part of NLS is Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD), a free library service of braille and audio material for individuals unable to use standard printed material. BARD provides access to thousands of books, magazines, and music scores, downloadable as both audio and ebraille files.

Radio Talking Book is one of 35 organizations in the nationwide BARD partnership. In four-plus years, more than 100 RTB volunteers have prepared nearly 400 books for BARD participants. Books submitted by RTB and added to BARD in March include:

  • “Across the China Sea” by Gaute Heivoll, read by Therese Murray.
  • “Dangerous Behavior” by Nancy Bush, read by John Marsicano.
  • “Got To Be Something Here” by Andrea Swensson, read by John Potts.
  • “Small Secrets” by Joan Jacobson, read by Judith Johannessen.
  • “Take Me With You” by Catherine Ryan Hyde, read by Esmé Evans.
  • “We Carry Our Homes With Us” by Marisella Veiga, read by Andrea Bell.

Books Available through our Library Services Books broadcast on RTB are available for loan. Call 800-722-0550, Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm for details. Outside of Minnesota, contact your state’s network library for the National Library Service (NLS

Chautauqua Tuesday,  Tuesday – Saturday 4 a.m

The Collected Schizophrenias – Nonfiction by Esme Weijung Wang, 2019. A collection of essays by researcher Esme Weijung Wang, about her experience living with schizophrenia. Read by Carol McPherson. 9 broadcasts; began Friday, April 5.

The Breakthrough – Nonfiction by Charles Graeber, 2018. Imagine a vaccine that can cure cancer; as this book assures us, that possibility may not be far off. Read by Yelva Lynfield. 11 broadcasts; begins Thursday, April 18.

Past is Prologue, Monday –  Friday 9 a.m

Presidents of War – Nonfiction by Michael Beschloss, 2018. A look at a procession of American leaders, as they led our nation into conflict and mobilized us for victory. Read by John Potts. 28 broadcasts; began Wednesday, April 3.

Bookworm, Monday – Friday 11 a.m.

Return to Promise – Fiction by Debbie Macomber, 2000. A married couple in a small Texas town faces gossip and strife when the husband’s old flame returns to stir up trouble. Read by Don Gerlach. 7 broadcasts; began Monday, April 8.

Bowlaway – Fiction by Elizabeth McCracken, 2019. At the turn of the 20th century, a mysterious woman opens a bowling alley in a small Massachusetts town and impacts the community for decades to come. Read by Don Lee. 13 broadcasts; begins Wednesday, April 17.

The Writer’s Voice, Monday, Monday – Friday 2 p.m.

Miles Lord – Nonfiction by Roberta Walburn, 2017. Judge Miles Lord rose from humble beginnings in Minnesota’s Iron Range to become one of the most memorable and powerful judges in the country. Read by Esmé Evans. 13 broadcasts; begins Monday, April 15.

Choice Reading, Monday, Monday – Friday 4 p.m.

All That Man Is – Fiction by David Szalay, 2016. Stories are told of nine men’s lives, as each finds his identity in a world of change. Read by Stephen Smith. 12 broadcasts; begins Thursday, April 18.

PM Report, Monday – Friday 8 p.m..

Fortress America – Nonfiction by Elaine Tyler May, 2017. Though safer than ever, Americans continue to protect themselves and their families against crime and terrorism. Read by Glenn Miller. 8 broadcasts; begins Wednesday, April 17.

Crude Volatility – Nonfiction by Robert McNally, 2017. The global oil market has been rocked by price swings over several decades. Researcher Robert McNally explains its history, and offers ideas to create stability. Read by John Demma. 11 broadcasts; begins Monday, April 29.

Night Journey, Monday – Friday 9 p.m.

The Boy -Fiction by Tami Hoag, 2018. A single mother is the victim of a home invasion, leaving her hospitalized and her young son dead. Two detectives seek the boy’s babysitter, who has disappeared. Read by Neil Bright. 19 broadcasts; begins Tuesday, April 23. – VN

Off the Shelf, Monday – Friday 10 p.m.

The Shakespeare Requirement – Fiction by Julie Schumacher, 2018. A university English professor deals with bureaucratic and personal indignities, including the possible closure of his department.  Read by Judy Woodward. 10 broadcasts; begins Tuesday, April 23.

Potpourri, Monday – Friday 11 p.m.

The World As It Is – Nonfiction by Ben Rhodes, 2018. Former Presidential aide Ben Rhodes provides a vivid, behind-the-scenes portrayal of life in the Barack Obama White House. Read by Scott Brush. 20 broadcasts; began Thursday, April 4.

Good Night Owl, Monday – Friday midnight

Call Me American- Nonfiction by Abdi Nor Iftin and Max Alexander, 2018. Abdi Nor Iftin’s journey from Somalia to America is a tale for our time, and a reminder of how America beckons to those looking for a better life. Read by Pat Muir. 11 broadcasts; begins Wednesday, April 17.P

After Midnight, Tuesday – Saturday 1 a.m.

Stalker – Fiction by Lars Kepler, 2019. Police are sent videos of young women, who then are found brutally murdered. Investigators seek help from an eccentric hypnotist and a retired detective. Read by Scott McKinney. 17 broadcasts; began Tuesday, April 9. – V, L, G, S



V – violence
L – offensive language
S – sexual situations
RE – racial epithets
G – graphic descriptions

  • Wash your hands! Hands that look can still have icky germs!
  • Work with your care provider to stay healthy. Protect yourself. Vaccines are your best protection against being sick.

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