Radio Talking Book – April 2023

Missed a book broadcast?  Missed a book broadcast? Listeners can access a broadcast for one following the original broadcast in […]

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Missed a book broadcast? 

Missed a book broadcast? Listeners can access a broadcast for one following the original broadcast in the Radio Talking Book only weekly program archive. For help accessing the archive, contact Ronnie Washington at 651-539-1424 or [email protected].  

If the book’s broadcast is no longer available in the archive, contact staff librarian Dan Gausman  for assistance, at 651-539-1422 or [email protected] 

All about Radio Talking Book 

The sampling published monthly in Access Press doesn’t represent the full array of programming on Radio Talking Book (RTB). 

RTB is not just for listeners with visual disabilities. Anyone with difficulty reading or turning pages can enjoy the service. Enjoy programming on a mobile device, for either iOS or Android. Visit the Apple App Store for iOS, or Google Play for Android, and  download the Minnesota Radio Talking Book app. 

Listen to RTB’s live or archived programs online at  Books broadcast on the Minnesota RTB Network are available for loan through the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library in Faribault. The catalog is at, click on the link Search the Library Catalog. Call the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library at 800-722-0550, Mon-Fri, 9 am – 4 pm CST.  For updates, go to the Facebook site Minnesota Radio Talking Book. 

Audio information about the daily book listings is on the National Federation for the Blind (NFB) Newsline. Register for NFB Newsline by calling 651-539-1424. The NFB-NEWSLINE service provides access to more than 500 magazines and newspapers. To learn more, visit Donate to the State Services for the Blind at

If listeners have ideas or feedback about books or programs broadcast, contact the staff. For newspapers and programs, contact Tony Lopez at [email protected] or 651-642-0880. For books, contact Joseph Papke at [email protected] or 651-539-2316. 

Callers from Greater Minnesota can reach staff by calling 1-800-652-9000 and ask for Lopez or Papke. 


Monday – Friday 6 a.m. 
Status and Culture, nonfiction by W. David Marx, 2022. A wide-ranging examination of why things become popular, why preferences change over time, and how identity plays out in contemporary society. Read by Diane Dahm. 14 broadcasts; begins Tue, April 4.  
Life Time, nonfiction by Russell Foster, 2022. A guide to using the science of the body clock to promote better sleep, better health, and better thinking. Read by Lannois Neely. 15 broadcasts; begins Mon, April 24.  

Past is Prologue

Monday – Friday 11 a.m. 
The Escape Artist, nonfiction by Jonathan Freedland, 2022. The incredible story of Rudolf Vrba—one of the very first Jews to break out of Auschwitz and make his way to freedom. He was a man determined to warn the world and pass on a truth too few were willing to hear. Read by Yelva Lynfield. 16 broadcasts; begins Thu, April 6. — G 


Monday – Friday 12 p.m. 
Little, fiction by David Treuer, 1995. A moving account of kinship and survival on a northern Minnesota reservation. Read by John Schmidt. 10 broadcasts; begins Tue, April 4.  

The Moments Between Dreams, fiction by Judith F. Brenner, 2022. A story of a woman’s hope, courage, and perseverance in post-WWII Chicago. Read by Bonnie Swenby. 11 broadcasts; begins Tue, April 18. – V  

The Writer’s Voice* 

Monday – Friday 1 p.m. 
Finding Turtle Farm, nonfiction by Angela Tedesco, 2022. The story of starting and running an organic farm—told by the woman who owned one of the first Community-Supported Agriculture operations in the Upper Midwest. Read by Yelva Lynfield. 10 broadcasts; begins Tue, April 4.  

James Patterson, nonfiction by James Patterson, 2022. A conversational autobiography from the best-selling author. Read by Jim Ahrens. Seven broadcasts; begins Tue, April 18. – L  

Speaking of Harpo, nonfiction by Susan Fleming Marx, with Robert S. Bader, 2022. A show-business memoir of rare grace and humor from the widow of Harpo Marx. Read by Dan Sadoff. Nine broadcasts; begins Thu, April 27.  

Choice Reading* 

Monday – Friday 2 p.m. 
Under The Whispering Door, fiction by T. J. Klune, 2021. The heartfelt story of a man who discovers the joys of living after he’s dead, thanks to a teashop owner who ferries the dead to the other side of life. Read by Peter Danbury. 14 broadcasts; begins Tuesday, April 11. – L  

When I Sing, Mountains Dance, fiction by Irene Solà, 2022. A spellbinding Catalan novel that places one family’s tragedies against the uncontainable life force of the land itself. Read by Brenda Powell. 6 broadcasts; begins Mon, April 24. – S  

Afternoon Report* 

Monday – Friday 4 p.m. 
The Stolen Year, nonfiction by Anya Kamenetz, 2022. An NPR education reporter shows how the pandemic disrupted children’s lives—and how our country has nearly always failed to put our children first. Read by Phil Rosenbaum. 12 broadcasts; begins Mon, April 3. – L  

Out On a Limb, nonfiction by Andrew Sullivan, 2021. A collection of iconic and powerful essays of social and political commentary from one of the most influential journalists of the last three decades. Read by John Potts. 24 broadcasts; begins Wed, April 19. – L  

Night Journey* 

Monday – Friday 7 p.m. 
Rafferty’s Last Case, fiction by Larry Millett, 2022. The ninth and final Minnesota mystery, in which Shadwell Rafferty, with the inimitable Sherlock Holmes, may have solved his own murder. Read by Gary Rodgers. 15 broadcasts; begins Mon, April 10.  

Off the Shelf* 

Monday – Friday 8 p.m. 
Booth, fiction by Karen Joy Fowler, 2022. An epic and intimate novel about the family behind one of the most infamous figures in American history: John Wilkes Booth. Read by Michele Potts. 15 broadcasts; begins Tue, April 11.  


Monday – Friday 9 p.m. 
Wonderlands, nonfiction by Charles Baxter, 2022. Searching and erudite new essays on writing and the life of literature. Read by Glenn Miller. 10 broadcasts; begins Wes, April 19. 

Good Night Owl* 

Monday – Friday 10 p.m. 
Noor (rebroadcast), fiction by Nnedi Okorafor, 2021. A fast-paced, Afro-futurist, journey of tribe, destiny, body and the wonderland of technology. Read by Karen Ray. 8 broadcasts; begins Mon, April 3. – L, S  

Hidden Pictures, fiction by Jason Rekulak, 2021. A supernatural thriller about a woman working as a nanny for a young boy with strange and disturbing secrets. Read by Laura Young. 11 broadcasts; begins Thu, April 13. – L  

RTB After Hours* 

Monday – Friday 11 p.m. 
Set On You, fiction by Amy Lea, 2022. A gym nemesis pushes a fitness influencer to the max in this steamy romantic comedy. Read by Jodi Lindskog. 12 broadcasts; begins Mon, April 3. – L, S  

Nora Goes Off Script, fiction by Annabel Monaghan, 2022. A romance screenwriter becomes the protagonist of her own love story when a hunky actor stays at her house. Read by Pat Muir. 8 broadcasts; begins Wed, April 19. – L, S 

Weekend Program Books 

Your Personal World, 1 p.m. Sat, presents This Is How Your Marriage Ends by Matthew Fray, read by Beverly Burchett. – L 

For the Younger Set, 11 a.m. presents Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen, read by Pat Muir. 

Poetic Reflections, noon Sun, presents Still Living in Town by Kevin FitzPatrick, read by Mary Knatterud; followed by Space Struck by Page Lewis, read by Mary Knatterud. 

The Great North, 4 p.m. Sun, presents The Pride of Minnesota by Thom Henninger, read by Jim Gregorich; followed by A Private Wilderness by Sigurd F. Olson  

All times listed are Central Standard Time. 

Abbreviations V – violent content   R – racial epithets  L – strong language S – sexual situation    G – gory descriptions 

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