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Holiday Programming Every December, we give our volunteers a break on December 25. This year, holiday programming begins December 24, […]

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Holiday Programming

Every December, we give our volunteers a break on December 25. This year, holiday programming begins December 24, 8 p.m. after the reading of the New York Times, and continues until 6 a.m., December 26. We hope you enjoy hearing some of your favorite stories.


Did you know that you can find over 70 audio magazines through the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library and over 35 audio magazines on NFB-Newsline? If you can’t find the magazines you are looking for there, we can custom record the magazines in Audio Services. Call Dan for more information at 651-649-5903, or our toll-free number, 800-652-9000.

Weekend Program Books 

Your Personal World (Saturday at 1 p.m.) is airing Idea-Links, by Jim Link, and The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, by John C. Maxwell; For the Younger Set (Sunday at 11 a.m.) is airing 172 Hours on the Moon, by Johan Harstad, and The Dragon’s Tooth, by N.D. Wilson; Poetic Reflections (Sunday at noon) is airing That Said, by Jane Shore, and Unless You Count Birds, by Kathleen Weihe; The U.S. and Us (Sunday at 4 p.m.) is airing A Boundary Waters History, by Stephen Wilbers, and My Mother Is Now Earth, by Mark Anthony Rolo.

Books Available Through Faribault

Books broadcast on the Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network are available through the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library in Faribault, MN. Their phone is 1-800-722-0550 and hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Their catalog is also online, and you can access it by going to the main website,, and then clicking on the link. If you live outside of Minnesota, you may obtain copies of our books via an inter-library loan by contacting your own state’s Network Library for the National Library Service.

Listen to the Minnesota Radio Talking Book, either live or archived programs from the last week, on the Internet at Call the staff at the Radio for your password to the site.

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Tuesday – Saturday 4 a.m

Imagine, Nonfiction by Jonah Lehrer, 2012. Creativity has little to do with muses, brainstorming and higher powers. Nor is creativity a gift possessed by only a few; it’s a variety of thought processes we can ALL learn to use effectively. Read by Stevie Ray. 10 broadcasts. Begins December 7.

Exit, Nonfiction by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, 2012. Exits are ubiquitous in life but we tend to ignore or diminish them, seeing them as signs of failure or retreat. But an exit marks the start of a new conversation, the possibility of moving on to something new.    L – Read by Lannois Neely. 11 broadcasts. Begins December 21.


Past is Prologue
Monday – Friday 9 a.m.

Prague Winter, Nonfiction by Madeleine Albright, 2012. Before Madeleine Albright turned twelve, her life was shaken by the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia – the country where she was born, the Battle of Britain, the near-total destruction of European Jewry, the Allied victory in World War II, the rise of communism, and the onset of the Cold War. Read by Michele Potts. 15 broadcasts. Began November 26.

American Emperor, Nonfiction by Tim Brady, 2012. A canny and charismatic politician who rose to become the third vice president of the United States, Aaron Burr seemed to throw it away in 1805 and 1806 in an attempt to lead a secession of the American West. Read by Bonnie Smith-Yackel. 14 broadcasts. Begins December 17.


Monday – Friday 11 a.m.

The Land of Painted Caves, Fiction by Jean M. Auel, 2011. During the last Ice Age, Ayla, Jondalar, and their daughter live with the Zelandonii. Ayla has been chosen as an acolyte and is training to become a spiritual leader. As Ayla spends more time on her spiritual studies, Jondalar drifts away from her. Read by Connie Jamison. 37 Br. Began November 1.

Blue Asylum, Fiction by Kathy Hepinstall, 2012. Iris Dunleavy was a Virginia plantation wife when she was put on trial and convicted of madness. Confined to Sanibel Asylum until she can be restored to be a good, compliant woman, she knows she is not insane. Read by Alletta Jervey. 9 broadcasts. Begins December 24.


The Writer’s Voice
Monday – Friday 2 p.m.

It Worked for Me, Nonfiction by Colin Powell, with Tony Koltz, 2012. Colin Powell was raised in an immigrant family in the Bronx and went on to become a four-star general and Secretary of State. Through his life, he has compiled his “Thirteen Rules” that form the basis of his approach to leadership. Read by Charlie Boone. 9 broadcasts. Begins December 4.

In My Father’s Country, Nonfiction by Saima Wahab, 2012. Brought to the U.S. at fifteen, Saima returned to Afghanistan as an interpreter after college. She was the only college-educated female Pashto speaker in all of Afghanistan. Her personal goal was to forge new bonds between Pashtuns and Americans. Read by Nancy Bader. 15 broadcasts. Begins December 17.


Choice Reading
Monday – Friday 4 p.m.

More Than You Know, Fiction by Penny Vincenzi, 2012. A privileged girl, Eliza Clark has a dazzling career as a fashion editor in 1960’s London. When she falls for Matt Shaw, a working-class boy, and ends up pregnant, she is expected to give up her lifestyle to get married. L – Read by Sue McDonald. 23 broadcasts. Begins December 11.


PM Report
Monday – Friday 8 p.m.

The Price of Civilization, Nonfiction by Jeffrey D. Sachs, 2011. Sachs says both political parties have missed the big picture, offering shortsighted solutions to address complex economic problems that require deeper solutions. Read by Audray Rees. 11 broadcasts. Begins December 10.

Patriot of Persia, Nonfiction by Christopher De Bellaigue, 2012. On August 18, 1953, American and British intelligence agencies began a coup against Iran’s prime minister. His crime: he wanted to nationalize his country’s oil industry and he was a foe of the Shah. Read by Leila Poullada. 11 Br. Begins Dec. 27.


Night Journey
Monday – Friday 9 p.m.

A Double Death on the Black Isle, Fiction by A.D. Scott, 2011. When two deaths occur on the same day, the Black Isle seems as forbidding as its name. Reporter Joanne Ross is a close friend of the woman at the center of the crimes. Read by Myrna Smith. 11 broadcasts. Begins December 12. 

Subduction, Fiction by Todd Shimoda, 2012. The physician Endo was charged with a patient’s death and has been banished to a tiny earthquake-plagued island. The aging islanders plot against all outsiders. L – Read by Bill Studer. 8 Br. Begins December 31.


Off the Shelf
Monday – Friday 10 p.m.

Running the Rift, Fiction by Naomi Benaron, 2012. Jean Patrick dreams of becoming Rwanda’s first Olympic medal winner in track. But he is a Tutsi in a world that has become restrictive and violent for his people. V – Read by Isla Hejny. 15 broadcasts. Began November 26.

Almost Never, Fiction by Daniel Sada, 2012. Demetrio works a dull job. Out of boredom, he meets with Mireya, a prostitute. But then he falls into a more proper love with Renata and exchanges chaste letters with her, while still frolicking with Mireya. L,S – Read by Bob Malos. 14 broadcasts. Begins December 17.


Monday – Friday 11 p.m.

Growgirl, Nonfiction by Heather Donahue, 2011. After The Blair Witch Project, Donahue became a household name. But her career stalled, and she followed her new boyfriend to her new life, farming medical marijuana. L,S – Read by Licia Swanson. 10 broadcasts. Begins December 10.

When Last on the Mountain, Nonfiction edited by Vicky Lettmann and Carol Roan, 2011. When Last on the Mountain is a compilation of memoir, poetry, and short stories written by authors over 50. L,S – Read by Cintra Godfrey. 11 broadcasts. Begins December 26.


Good Night Owl
MondayFriday midnight

The Prague Cemetery, Fiction by Umberto Eco, 2011. Nineteenth-century Europe abounds with the ghastly and the mysterious. Every nation has its own secret service, perpetrating forgeries, plots, and massacres. Europe is in tumult. But what if, behind all these conspiracies, lay one lone man? Read by Arlan Dohrenburg. 19 broadcasts. Begins December 10.

After Midnight
Tuesday – Saturday 1 a.m.

Farlander, Fiction by Col Buchanan, 2011. When the Holy Matriarch’s son purposely murders a woman, the Roshun, a group of assassins, is committed to retaliate. The job falls to Ash and his young apprentice, Nico. Their journey takes them to the heart of conflict between the Empire and the Free Ports. V,L,S – Read by Joe Sadowski. 16 broadcasts. Begins December 11.


Abbreviations: V – violence, L – offensive language, S – sexual situations

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