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Holiday programming change Since the Minnesota Radio Talking Book began in 1969, normal programming has been suspended over Christmas as […]

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Holiday programming change

Since the Minnesota Radio Talking Book began in 1969, normal programming has been suspended over Christmas as we have played over 30 hours of Christmas stories. The population of Minnesota has changed since 1969; we are much more diverse than we used to be. In light of that diversity, we will not be suspending airing of books, during that time, but we will air Christmas programming in place of magazine programming, and when holidays occur for non-Christian religions, we will attempt to include recognition of those holidays in our programming as well. We hope you appreciate our acknowledgement of diversity.


Weekend Program Books

Your Personal World (Saturday at 1 p.m.) is airing Goddesses Never Age, by Christiane Northrup, M.D., and Scary Close, by Donald Miller; For the Younger Set (Sunday at 11 a.m.) is airing How to Catch a Bogle, by Catherine Jinks; Poetic Reflections (Sunday at noon) is airing Corridor, by Saskia Hamilton, and Selfish, by Albert Goldbarth; The U.S. and Us (Sunday at 4 p.m.) is airingDegrees of Freedom, by William D. Green. 


Books Available Through Faribault

Books broadcast on the Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network are available through the Minnesota  Braille and Talking Book Library in Faribault, MN. Their phone is 1-800-722-0550 and hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Their catalog is also online, and you can access it by going to the main website,, and then clicking on the link Search the Library Catalog. If you live outside of Minnesota, you may obtain copies of our books via an inter-library loan by contacting your own state’s Network Library for the National Library Service.    

Listen to the Minnesota Radio Talking Book, either live or archived programs from the last week, on the Internet at Call the staff at the Radio for your password to the site.   

Audio information about the daily book listings is also on NFB Newsline. Register for NFB Newsline by calling 651-539-1424.


Chautauqua Tuesday,  Tuesday – Saturday 4 a.m

Unfinished Business, Nonfiction by Anne-Marie Slaughter, 2015. 9 Br. Began December 4. What is necessary for women to have gender equality in the workplace and at home? Women at the top and the bottom of the scale are further and further apart.  Read by June Prange.

Vitamania, Nonfiction by Catherine Price, 2015. 14 Br. Begins December 17. In spite of an understanding of the importance of vitamins, there is little consensus on how much we require or what they actually do.  Read by Yelva Lynfield.


Past is Prologue, Monday –  Friday 9 a.m

A Royal Experiment, Nonfiction by Janice Hadlow, 2014. 33 Br. Begins December 14. Though Americans know King George III as a tyrant, he was a man with a poignant agenda. He was determined to be a new kind of king, with a happy, loving family. Read by Marylyn Burridge.


Bookworm, Monday – Friday 11 a.m.

The Cherry Harvest, Fiction by Lucy Sanna, 2015. 8 Br. Begins December 10. With war in Europe, there is a shortage of farmworkers. Charlotte persuades local authorities to allow German war prisoners to pick their cherries. This simple act sets off a series of unexpected events. V,S – Read by Diane Ladenson.

Come Rain or Come Shine, Fiction by Jan Karon, 2015. 8 Br. Begins December 22. Father Tim’s adopted son, Dooley Kavanagh, has graduated from vet school and opened his own clinic. Since money will be tight, he and Lace Harper want to keep their wedding simple. Read by Nancy Felknor.


The Writer’s Voice, Monday, Monday – Friday 2 p.m.

Becoming Westerly, Nonfiction by Jamie Brisick, 2015. 11 Br. Began December 7. In the sixties and seventies, Australian Peter Drouyn was one of the world’s greatest surfers. But for the past decade, Peter has been living as a woman, Westerly Windina, a complex, aspiring entertainer. L – Read by Mike Piscitelli.

All Who Go Do Not Return, Nonfiction by Shulem Deen, 2015. 14 Br. Begins December 22. Raised in an insular Hasidic sect of Judaism, Shulem Deen knew little about the outside world. But his curiosity led him into investigating the tenets of his religion and his faith unraveled. L – Read by Dan Sadoff.


Choice Reading, Monday, Monday – Friday 4 p.m.

Season of Storms, Fiction by Susanna Kearsley, 2001, reissued 2014. 17 Br. Begins December 14. In 1921, Italian poet Galeazzo D’Ascanio wrote his last play, inspired by his mistress, Celia Sands. Then Celia vanished and the play was never performed. Now his grandson plans to stage the masterpiece and has offered the lead to an English actress with the same name. Read by Connie Jamison.


PM Report, Monday – Friday 8 p.m.

Unleashing the Second American Century, Nonfiction by Joel Kurtzman, 2014. 12 Br. Began December 3. Joel Kurtzman believes the talk about America’s decline is not only baseless, but dead wrong. Four transformational forces, combined, will provide the foundation for a stronger economy, robust growth, and broad-based prosperity. Read by John Potts.

Outpost, Nonfiction by Christopher R. Hill, 2014. 16 Br. Begins December 21. Ambassador under several different presidents, Christopher Hill writes bluntly about bureaucratic warfare in D.C. and expresses criticism of America’s aggressive interventions. In his service to the U.S., he was sent to some of the most dangerous areas.  Read by Art Nyhus.


Night Journey, Monday – Friday 9 p.m.

Down among the Dead Men, Fiction by Peter Lovesey, 2015. 14 Br. Began December 3. Detective Peter Diamond is following up on a seven-year-old murder case, and finds connections to a current missing person case. How many other disappearances have gone unnoticed?  L – Read by Neal Bright.

Down Don’t Bother Me, Fiction by Jason Miller, 2015. 8 Br. Begins December 23. In one of the last working collieries in downstate Illinois, the body of a reporter is found. The coalmine’s owner calls on Slim, known for “bloodhounding,” to discreetly investigate. But now Slim is in danger of getting burned. L – Read by Don Gerlach.


Off the Shelf, Monday – Friday 10 p.m.

Pale Harvest, Fiction by Braden Hepner, 2014. 15 Br. Began December 7. Jack thinks his life and existence are stagnant. When Rebekah returns to town, Jack thinks she is the potential for his salvation. V,L,S – Read by Mike Piscitelli.

The Untold, Fiction by Courtney Collins, 2014. 7 Br. Begins December 28. Jessie is on the run. Bands of men are desperate to claim the reward on her head, and behind them are two more – one her lover, the other the law. L -Read by Michele Potts.


Potpourri, Monday – Friday 11 p.m.    

Letter to a Future Lover, Nonfiction by Ander Monson, 2015. 8 Br. Began December 9. Readers of physical books leave traces: marginalia, slips of paper, finger-prints, highlighting, inscriptions. Ander Monson has collected brief pieces written in response to library ephemera. L – Read by Stuart Holland. 

The Underground Girls of Kabul, Nonfiction by Jenny Nordberg, 2014. 11 Br. BeginsDecember 21. Afghanistan has a culture ruled almost entirely by men. In that culture, the birth of a son is celebrated, the birth of a daughter is mourned. A third kind of child is a girl raised as a boy, and presented that way to the outside world. Read by June Prange.


Good Night Owl, Monday – Friday midnight

The Dream Lover, Fiction by Elizabeth Berg, 2015. 14 Br. Began December 1. Aurore Dupin leaves her loveless marriage to start a new life in Paris. There, she gives herself a new name – George Sand – and pursues her dream of becoming a writer. But will the life she longs for always be just out of reach? S – Read by Julie Bolton. 

The Unraveling of Mercy Louis, Fiction by Keija Parssinen, 2015. 12 Br. BeginsDecember 21. Mercy Louis is the star of Port Sabine’s championship girls’ basketball team. She seems destined for greatness, but the road out of town is riddled with obstacles. A fatal discovery near her school ignites a witch hunt, and community and family secrets threaten the lives of the town’s girls. Read by Natasha DeVoe.


After Midnight, Tuesday – Saturday 1 a.m.

After Alice, Fiction by Gregory Maguire, 2015. 8 Br. Began December 3. Ada was hiding from Miss Armstrong when she saw a rabbit by the riverbank. She didn’t call out to Lydia because she didn’t want to startle the rabbit. But what was he doing in a gentleman’s waistcoat? Read by Don Gerlach.

The Lost Boys Symphony, Fiction by Mark Andrew Ferguson, 2015. 13 Br. BeginsDecember 15. After Henry’s girlfriend Val leaves him and transfers to another school, his grief begins to manifest in bizarre and horrifying ways. Convinced everything will make sense if he can find Val, he leaves the suburbs and marches toward the city. L – Read by Mike Piscitelli.


Abbreviations: V – violence, L – offensive language, S – sexual situations

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