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Marrakesh Treaty still not ratified by the U.S. The World Intellectual Property Organization Treaty, commonly referred to as the Marrakesh […]

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Marrakesh Treaty still not ratified by the U.S.

The World Intellectual Property Organization Treaty, commonly referred to as the Marrakesh Treaty is still not ratified by the U.S. Senate. The World Blind Union estimates that blind Americans only have access to about five percent of the books published worldwide each year. In some parts of the world, blind people have access to less than one percent of published works. The Marrakesh Treaty would allow reproduction of works in accessible formats, distribution of those works to qualified persons, and export and import of those works to and from other countries. You can contact your senators urging this ratification.

Weekend Program Books

Your Personal World (Saturday at 1 p.m.) is airing The Fear Cure, by Lissa Rankin, M.D.; For the Younger Set (Sunday at 11 a.m.) is airing Ghoulish Song, by William Alexander, and Lies Beneath, by Anne Greenwood Brown; Poetic Reflections(Sunday at noon) is airing The Darkening Trapeze, by Larry Levis, and Turning into Dwelling, by Christopher Gilbert; The Great North (Sunday at 4 p.m.) is airingTony Oliva, by Thom Henninger, and Portage, by Sue Leaf.


Books Available Through Faribault

Books broadcast on the Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network are available through the Minnesota  Braille and Talking Book Library in Faribault, MN. Their phone is 1-800-722-0550 and hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Their catalog is also online, and you can access it by going to the main website,, and then clicking on the link Search the Library Catalog. If you live outside of Minnesota, you may obtain copies of our books via an inter-library loan by contacting your own state’s Network Library for the National Library Service.    

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Chautauqua Tuesday,  Tuesday – Saturday 4 a.m

Cyberphobia, Nonfiction by Edward Lucas, 2015. 11 Br. Began June 9. Weaknesses in cybersecurity have become alarmingly common. More alarming is the number of victims associated with these crimes; identities and personal information of millions are stolen. Read by Chris Colestock.

Monkeys, Myths, and Molecules, Nonfiction by Dr. Joe Schwarcz, 2015. 12 Br. Begins June 24. With the dawning of the internet, answers to scientific questions are easily available, but how do we know what’s reliable? Dr. Joe Schwarcz advocates for a scientific approach to life.  Read by Yelva Lynfield.


Past is Prologue, Monday –  Friday 9 a.m

Pacific, Nonfiction by Simon Winchester, 2015. 15 Br. Began June 1. Tackling the Pacific Ocean, and its significance is an enormous task. But key moments since 1950 speak to the greater trends and truths about the Pacific Ocean’s significance to us today. Read by Esmé Evans.

One Nation, Under Gods, Nonfiction by Peter Manseau, 2015. 24 Br. Begins June 22. The flip side of the traditional view of our history contains every kind of person, of every color and belief. Manseau offers a truer view of the people who forged a nation. Read by Nancy Bader.


Bookworm, Monday – Friday 11 a.m.

The Color of Light, Fiction by Emilie Richards, 2015. 16 Br. Began June 9. Analiese has never felt tested until the night she found a homeless family huddling in the churchyard. Offering them shelter in a vacant parish house apartment, she tests the loyalty and faith of her congregation.  Read by Michelle Juntunen..


The Writer’s Voice, Monday, Monday – Friday 2 p.m.

Hissing Cousins, Nonfiction by Marc Peyser and Timothy Dwyer, 2015. 15 Br. Began June 6. Eleanor and Alice Roosevelt were first cousins but their politics and temperaments could not have been more distinct. When the family business is politics, winning trumps everything. Read by Jan Anderson.

Finding Fontainebleau, Nonfiction by Thad Carhart, 2016. 12 Br. Begins June 27. In the 1950s, Fontainebleau was both strange and majestic for Carhart. 30 years later, he and his wife returned to raise their children. Read by Arlan Dohrenburg.


Choice Reading, Monday, Monday – Friday 4 p.m.

Whisper Hollow, Fiction by Chris Cander, 2015. 12 Br. BeganJune 2. In a small West Virginia town, secrets still play in the minds of those who live there. One of those secrets is about how young Myrthen’s twin was killed while playing with her sister. S – Read by Cintra Godfrey.

No Happier State, Fiction by Will Tinkham, 2015. 11 Br. Begins June 20. While the men carve Mount Rushmore, Pêche Appleton sells tiny sculptures of the presidents to the onlookers below. Some don’t appreciate her designs. Read by Bill Studer.


PM Report, Monday – Friday 8 p.m.

Madison’s Music, Nonfiction by Burt Neuborne, 2015. 10 Br. Began June 8. Neuborne argues that the Supreme Court has gotten the First Amendment wrong. If you look at the full text, you will discover a First Amendment that is democracy’s best friend. Read by Marylyn Burridge.

Let There Be Water, Nonfiction by Seth M. Siegel, 2015. 11 Br. Begins June 22. Offbeat inventors have enabled Israel to lead the world in cutting-edge water technology. Even with 60 percent of its country made of desert, Israel has not only solved its water problem; it also has an abundance of water. Read by Patricia Muir


Night Journey, Monday – Friday 9 p.m.

The 3rd Woman, Fiction by Jonathan Freedland, 2015. 14 Br. Began June 1. Investigating her sister’s murder, Madison refuses to accept the official line that Abigail’s death was an isolated crime. She uncovers evidence that suggests her sister was the third victim in a series of killings.  V,L,S – Read by Pat Kovel-Jarboe.

His Right Hand, Fiction by Mettie Ivie Harrison, 2015. 10 Br. Begins June 21. Devout Mormon Carl Ashby was killed in a staged murder on church property. But what upset the community more than his death is the autopsy reporting that Carl was biologically female. L – Read by Isla Hejny.


Off the Shelf, Monday – Friday 10 p.m.

If I Could Turn Back Time, Fiction by Beth Harbison, 2015. 9 Br. Begins June 14. Ramie Phillips is rich and successful, and everyone thinks she is happy. When she dives into the ocean, hitting her head, she wakes up as a teen, hearing her mother calling. L – Read by Nancy Felknor.

The Story of My Teeth, Fiction by Valeria Luiselli, 2015. 5 Br. Begins June 27. Gustavo Sánchez Sánchez is a late-in-life world traveler, yarn spinner, collector, and legendary auctioneer. His most precious possessions are the teeth of the “notorious infamous.” L – Read by John Mandeville.


Potpourri, Monday – Friday 11 p.m.    

Man in Profile, Nonfiction by Thomas Kunkel, 2015. 13 Br. Began June 9. Joseph Mitchell was the voice of New York City, writing intimate sketches of people who made the city tick in The New Yorker. Then suddenly, his stories stopped appearing. For thirty more years, he showed up for work and produced nothing. What happened?  Read by Natasha DeVoe.

The Narrow Door, Nonfiction by Paul Lisicky, 2016. 9 Br. Begins June 28. Paul Lisicky draws the contours of two constantly shifting long-term relationships. The world around them is frail. His survival, as friendships end, proves that in turning towards loss, we embrace life. Read by Mike Piscitelli.


Good Night Owl, Monday – Friday midnight

The Tears of Dark Water, Fiction by Corban Addison, 2015. 18 Br. Began June 6. On the surface, Daniel and Vanessa are an American success story. Underneath, their family is self-destructing. In desperation, Daniel plans a sailing trip around the world, not knowing the voyage he hopes will save them may destroy them instead. V,L – Read by Tom Speich.

Mademoiselle Chanel, Fiction by C.W. Gortner, 2015. 17 Br. Begins June 30. Born into rural poverty, Gabrielle Chanel was sent to a convent orphanage after her mother’s death. The nuns there nurtured her exceptional sewing skills, which would propel Gabrielle far from the drudgery of her childhood. L,S – Read by Julie Bolton.


After Midnight, Tuesday – Saturday 1 a.m.

Seeker, Fiction by Arwen Elys Dayton, 2015. 13 Br. Began May 26. The night Quin Kincaid takes her Oath, she will become what she has trained to be her entire life – a Seeker. As a Seeker, Quin will fight to protect the weak and the wronged, standing for light in a shadowy world. Read by Janelle Mattson.

Zero World, Fiction by Jason M. Hough, 2015. 16 Br. Begins June 14. A spaceship that vanished years ago has been found, along with the bodies of its murdered crew – save one. Peter’s mission is to find the missing crew member who fled through what appears to be a tear in the fabric of space. V,L – Read by Peter Danbury.



Abbreviations: V – violence, L – offensive language, S – sexual situations





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