Radio Talking Book – May 2024

Something new at Radio Talking Book  The State Services for the Blind website has new updates, including posting the Radio […]

Find out what we're reading this month on the Radio Talking Bok

Something new at Radio Talking Book 

The State Services for the Blind website has new updates, including posting the Radio News online each month with links to the audio promos for each book. Find the updated pages here: Radio Talking Book.

Radio Talking Book is not just for listeners with visual disabilities. Anyone with difficulty reading or turning pages can enjoy the service.  The service has 19 new books on this month. 

Hear programming on a hand-held mobile device, for either iOS or Android. Visit the Apple App Store for iOS, or Google Play for Android, and download the Minnesota Radio Talking Book app. 

The sampling published monthly in Access Press doesn’t represent the full array of programming. Listen to RTB’s live or archived programs online at Listen to Radio Talking Book, and learn more about programs. 

Missed a book broadcast? Access it for one week following its original broadcast in the online weekly program archive. 

For help accessing the archive, contact Ronnie Washington at 651-539-1424 or [email protected]

If the book’s broadcast is no longer available in the archive, contact staff librarian Dan Gausman at 651-539-1422 or [email protected]

Books broadcast on the Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network are available for loan through the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library in Faribault. The catalog is at Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library Catalog. Click on the link Search the Library Catalog. Call the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library at 800-722-0550, Mon-Fri, 9 am – 4 pm CST.  For updates, go to the Facebook site Minnesota Radio Talking Book. 

Audio information about the daily book listings is on the National Federation for the Blind (NFB) Newsline. Register for NFB Newsline by calling 651-539-1424. The NFB-NEWSLINE service provides access to more than 500 magazines and newspapers. To learn more, visit NFB-Newsline; 612-5627803 

Comments about current books that could be broadcast or any other programming issues? Contact Joseph Papke at 651-539-2316 or [email protected] 


Monday – Friday 6 a.m. 
The Deepest Map, nonfiction by Laura Trethewey, 2023. The dramatic story of the last mysterious place on earth—the world’s seafloor—and the marine biologists, entrepreneurs, and adventurers involved in the historic push to chart it. Read by Julia Brown. 11 broadcasts; begins Mon, May 13. 
Where We Meet the World, nonfiction by Ashley Ward, 2023. The thrilling story of how our senses evolved and how they shape our encounters with the world. Read by Karen Ray. 14 broadcasts; begins Tue, May 28. 

Past is Prologue* 

Monday – Friday 11 a.m. 
When Winter Came, nonfiction by Mary Beth Sartor Obermeyer, 2023. A country doctor’s journey to fight the flu pandemic of 1918 in Iowa. Read by Bonnie Swenby. 10 broadcasts; begins Mon, May 13. 
Wilhelm’s Way, nonfiction by Teresa Wilhelm Waldof, 2022. The untold story of the humble man whose scientific innovation helped end World War II. Read by Andrea Bell. 12 broadcasts; begins Mon, May 27. 


Monday – Friday 12 p.m. 
The End of Drum-Time, fiction by Hanna Pylväinen, 2023. An epic love story about a young reindeer herder and a minister’s daughter in the nineteenth century Arctic Circle. Read by Jeffrey Weihe. 15 broadcasts; begins Mon, May 13. 

The Writer’s  Voice*

Monday – Friday 1 p.m. 
The Book of Charlie, nonfiction by David Von Drehle, 2023. One of our nation’s most prominent writers discovers the truth about how to live a long and happy life from the centenarian next door in this original and highly readable account of a splendid American life. Read by Bonnie Swenby. Seven broadcasts; begins Thu, May 9. 

Farewell Transmission, nonfiction by Will McGrath, 2022. Memoir essays about the concealed lives we encounter every day, and the hidden worlds that exist within our own. Read by Jim Ahrens. Six broadcasts; begins Mon, May 20. 

Quietly Hostile, nonfiction by Samantha Irby, 2023. A hilarious new essay collection with a combination of laugh-out-loud moments, heartfelt passages, and plenty of awkward experiences. Read by Dan Sadoff. 10 broadcasts; begins Tue, May 28. – L, S. 

Choice Reading* 

Monday – Friday 2 p.m. 
Small World, fiction by Laura Zigman, 2023. A heartfelt novel about two offbeat and newly divorced sisters who move in together as adults—and finally reckon with their childhood. Read by Lisa Bromer. Nine broadcasts; begins Wed, May 15. – L 

A Council of Dolls, fiction by Mona Susan Power, 2023. A profoundly moving novel spanning three generations of Yanktonai Dakota women from the 19th century to the present day. Read by Pat Muir. 12 broadcasts; begins Tue, May 28. 

Afternoon Report* 

Monday – Friday 4 p.m. 
The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism, nonfiction by Martin Wolf, 2023. A magnificent reckoning with how and why the marriage between democracy and capitalism is coming undone, and what can be done to reverse this terrifying dynamic. Read by Anna Pliner. 14 broadcasts; begins Tue, May 14. 

Night Journey* 

Monday – Friday 7 p.m. 
Lowdown Road, fiction by Scott Von Doviak, 2023. A heart-racing road trip across 1970s America as two cousins make the heist of their lives and must avoid the cops and criminals hot on their tails. Read by John Gunter. Nine broadcasts; begins Mon, May 27. – L 

Off the Shelf* 

Monday – Friday 8 p.m. 
In Memoriam, fiction by Alice Winn, 2023. A haunting, virtuosic debut novel about two young men who fall in love during World War I. Read by Holland Richner. 15 broadcasts; begins Mon, May 13. – L, S, V, G 


Monday – Friday 9 p.m. 
The History of Sketch Comedy, nonfiction by Keegan-Michael Key & Elle Key, 2023. A detailed journey through the art and craft of humor from a master comedian. Read by Stevie Ray. Nine broadcasts; begins Thu, May 23. 

Good Night Owl* 

Monday – Friday 10 p.m. 
Godzilla and Godzilla Raids Again. fiction by Shigeru Kayama, 2023. The first English translations of the original 1955 novellas about the iconic kaijū, Godzilla. Read by Gary Rodgers. Nine broadcasts; begins Tue, May 21. 

RTB After Hours* 

Monday – Friday 11 p.m. 
Georgie, All Along (rebroadcast), fiction by Kate Clayborn, 2023. A wise and witty novel that echoes with timely questions about love, career, reconciling with the past, and finding your path while knowing your true worth. Read by Carol McPherson. 14 broadcasts; begins Wed, May 8. – L, S 

Native Love Jams, fiction by Tashia Hart, 2023. A Minnesota Book Award finalist romance set in a Native American community. Read by MaryBeth Redmond. Four broadcasts; begins Tue, May 28. – L, S 

Weekend Program Books 

Your Personal World, 1 p.m. Sat, presents Life is Hard by Kieran Setiya, read by Parichay Rudina.  

For the Younger Set, 11 a.m. Sun, presents The Complicated Calculus (and Cows) of Carl Paulsen by Gary Eldon Peter, read by Lynn Middleton-Koller. – L; followed by First-Year Orientation, edited by Lauren Gibaldi and Eric Smith, read by MaryBeth Redmond. – L.

 Poetic Reflections, noon Sun, presents The Best American Poetry 2023 edited by David Lehman and Elaine Equi, read by Jim Ahrens. – L.  

The Great North, 4 p.m. Sun, presents Confluence: A History of Fort Snelling by Hampton Smith, read by Yelva Lynfield. 

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  • Struggling with Long COVID? Get support. Talk to your healthcare provider.

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