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New this fall: Tanner’s Tech Den Keeping with our emphasis on disability advocacy programming on Sunday evenings, RTB is proud […]

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New this fall: Tanner’s Tech Den

Keeping with our emphasis on disability advocacy programming on Sunday evenings, RTB is proud to present “Tanner’s Tech Den” with David Tanner. Dave invites you to an hour of news, reviews, and explorations of the latest in accessible technology. We hope you’ll join us on the first Sunday of each month at 8:00 pm for “Tanner’s Tech Den.”


Weekend Books – All listings are US Central Time

  • Your Personal World (Saturdays at 1 p.m.) presents “I’ll Have It My Way” by Hattie Bryant, followed by “Slow” by Brooke McAlary, both read by Beverly Burchett.
  • For the Younger Set (Sundays at 11 a.m.) presents “The Museum of Us” by Tara Wilson Redd, read by Esmé Evans.
  • Poetic Reflections (Sundays at noon) presents “American Journal: Fifty Poems for Our Time” edited by Tracy K. Smith, read by Scott McKinney.
  • The Great North (Sundays at 4 p.m.) presents “Minnesota 1918” by Curt Brown, read by Don Lee; followed by “The Northern Gardener” by Mary Lahr Schier, read by Myrna Smith.


Books Available through our Library Services 

  • Books on RTB are available for loan. Call 800-722-0550, Monday-Friday, 9 am-4 pm for details. Outside of Minnesota, contact your state’s network library for the National Library Service (NLS).
  • You can listen to RTB’s live or archived programs online at, or on your handheld device via the SERO app (iOS or Android). Call us for your password to the site.

Information about RTB program listings can be heard on NFB-NEWSLINE. Call us to sign up.


Chautauqua Tuesday,  Tuesday – Saturday 4 a.m

The Family Gene – Nonfiction by Joselin Linder, 2017. A woman and her family share a unique genetic mutation. Read by Carol McPherson. 9 broadcasts; began Tuesday, October 30.

God’s Hotel – Nonfiction by Victoria Sweet, 2018. A physician stays for 20 years at a San Francisco hospital, treating those unable to support themselves. Read by Eileen Barratt. 14 broadcasts; begins Tuesday, November 13.


Past is Prologue, Monday –  Friday 9 a.m

Angels in the Sky – Nonfiction by Robert Gandt, 2017. From the world over, World War II airmen and women took to the skies during Israel’s war of independence. Read by Marylyn Burridge. 15 broadcasts; began Thursday, November 8.          

Revolution on the Hudson – Nonfiction by George C. Daughan, 2016. During the American Revolution, no area was more contested than the Hudson River. Read by John Potts. 14 broadcasts; begins Thursday, November 29. – V, L, S


Bookworm, Monday – Friday 11 a.m.

A Place for Us – Fiction by Fatima Farheen Mirza, 2018. An American-Muslim family strives to pass on their culture and traditions, while the children try to maintain authenticity. Read by Carol McPherson. 17 broadcasts; began Monday, November 5.

She Would Be King – Fiction by Wayetu Moore, 2018. The dramatic story of Liberia’s early years, as seen by three characters who share an uncommon bond. Read by Brenda Powell. 12 broadcasts; begins Wednesday, November 28.


The Writer’s Voice, Monday, Monday – Friday 2 p.m.

The Year I Was Peter the Great – Nonfiction by Marvin Kalb, 2017. Award-winning journalist Kalb writes a memoir of the Cold War, a time of transition for the Soviet Union. Read by Therese Murray. 12 broadcasts; begins Thursday, November 1.

Bus to Brookhaven – Nonfiction by John DeHaven, 2017. RTB volunteer and former staff member DeHaven presents tales from his self-described “rather ordinary life.” Read by the author. 5 broadcasts; begins Monday, November 19.

Now I See You – Nonfiction by Nicole C. Kear, 2014. A young woman diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa discusses life, work, love, and her emotional journey. Read by Esmé Evans. 8 broadcasts; begins Monday, November 26. – L, S


Choice Reading, Monday, Monday – Friday 4 p.m.

Our Homesick Songs – Fiction by Emma Hooper, 2018. The Conners family live in a nearly abandoned Canadian fishing village. While the parents work away from home, their children long for change. Read by Tom Speich. 8 broadcasts; began Wednesday, November 7.

Scribe – Fiction by Alyson Hagy, 2018. After a brutal civil war, a mysterious man asks a young woman to write a letter for him. The request sets off events that lead to a turning point. Read by Esmé Evans. 5 broadcasts; begins Monday, November 19.

A Lucky Man – Fiction by Jamel Brinkley, 2018. Fathers and sons strive to salvage personal relationships, and amend for past mistakes. Read by Don Gerlach. 10 broadcasts; begins Monday, November 26.


PM Report, Monday – Friday 8 p.m.

Relic – Nonfiction by William G. Howell and Terry M. Moe, 2016. Our Constitution was designed for a simple, agrarian society rather than our complex, post-industrial nation. Read by John Gunter. 7 broadcasts; began Tuesday, November 6.

Fear – Nonfiction by Bob Woodward, 2018. Reporter Bob Woodward describes in unequaled detail the Trump White House and its foreign and domestic policies. Read by Scott McKinney. 18 broadcasts; begins Thursday, November 15. – L


Night Journey, Monday – Friday 9 p.m.

What Remains of Her – Fiction by Eric Rickstad, 2018. Years after a man’s wife and child go missing, he is drawn out of isolation by the disappearance of another child. Read by Neil Bright. 12 broadcasts; began Tuesday, November 6. – V

Nothing Stays Buried – Fiction by P.J. Tracy, 2017. To stop a serial killer, two Minneapolis detectives enlist a quirky software company. Read by Therese Murray. 9 broadcasts; begins Thursday, November 22. – V


Off the Shelf, Monday – Friday 10 p.m.

The Sandman – Fiction by Lars Keplar, 2014. A man was thought to have been murdered by a notorious serial killer. Years later, though, the victim is found alive. Read by Robb Empson. 12 broadcasts; begins Monday, November 12. – V

 A Simple Favor – Fiction by Darcey Bell, 2017. After Emily asks neighbor Stephanie for a favor she vanishes, and Stephanie suspects Emily’s husband. Read by Mary Hall. 9 broadcasts; begins Wednesday, November 28. – L


Potpourri, Monday – Friday 11 p.m.    

Love and Death in the Sunshine State – Nonfiction by Cutter Wood, 2018. A stolen car in Florida sets off a search for a motel owner, her husband, her lover, and the thief. Read by John Marsicano. 8 broadcasts; began Monday, November 5.

The War on Science – Nonfiction by Shawn Otto, 2016. Minnesota author Otto describes a decades-old attack on science, threatening societies around the world. Read by Jack Rossmann. 22 broadcasts; begins Thursday, November 15.


Good Night Owl, Monday – Friday midnight

Stories for a Lost Child – Fiction by Carter Meland, 2017. A high school girl receives written stories that illuminate her American Indian heritage. Read by Judith Johannessen. 7 broadcasts; began Monday, November 5.

West – Fiction by Carys Davies, 2018. A widower reads that ancient bones were found in Kentucky, and sets out from his Pennsylvania farm to see if the rumors are true. Read by John Gunter. 4 broadcasts; begins Wednesday, November 14.

Peace like a River – Fiction by Leif Enger, 2001. A family is on a cross-country quest to find their son and brother, who has been charged with murder. Read by Peter Danbury. 13 broadcasts; begins Tuesday, November 20.


After Midnight, Tuesday – Saturday 1 a.m.

The Girl Who Never Read Noam Chomsky – Fiction by Jana Casale, 2018. A young woman confronts what she wants out of life and who she is meant to be. Read by Jodi Lindskog. 17 broadcasts; began Friday, November 2. – L, S

Twilight of the Gods – Nonfiction by Steven Hyden, 2018. Classic rock transcended its beginnings as a unique and popular genre to make an impact on virtually every style of music. Read by Scott McKinney. 12 broadcasts; begins Tuesday, November 27. – L, S



V – violence
L – offensive language
S – sexual situations
RE – racial epithets
G – graphic descriptions


  • Struggling with Long COVID? Get support. Talk to your healthcare provider.
  • Struggling with Long COVID? Get support. Talk to your healthcare provider.

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