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Take advantage of change Radio Talking Book listeners are reminded that there are innovative and upgraded listening options. Use the […]

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Take advantage of change

Radio Talking Book listeners are reminded that there are innovative and upgraded listening options. Use the Internet, the RTB apps for iOS and Android, or a digital assistant like an Alexa-enabled smart speaker. The innovations provide listeners an improved listening experience, while keeping Radio Talking Book accessible for years to come. 

Changes are being made to how Greater Minnesota newspapers are presented. The programs have been or soon will be added to the Android and iOS apps. Not all newscasts will be available right away, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To learn more call toll-free at 1-800-652-9000, or email [email protected].

There’s an app for that

Access Radio Talking Book anytime and anywhere on a hand-held mobile device for either iOS or Android. Just visit the Apple App Store for iOS, or Google Play for Android, and download the Minnesota Radio Talking Book app. It’s quick, it’s easy, and provides a convenient way to tune into RTB wherever and whenever. 

Books available through library services 

Books broadcast on the Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network are available for loan through the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library in Faribault. The catalog is online at Minnesota DEED’s website; click on the links to find Publications Available and the Programming Schedule.

Call the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library at 800-722-0550, Monday-Friday, 9 am – 4 pm CST for details. Persons living outside of Minnesota may obtain copies of books via an inter-library loan by contacting their home state’s Network Library for the National Library Service. 

Learn more 

For more information about Minnesota Radio Talking Book Network events go to the Facebook site, Minnesota Radio Talking Book. Audio information about the daily book listings is also on the National Federation for the Blind (NFB) Newsline. Register for the NFB Newsline by calling 651-539-1424. 

The NFB-NEWSLINE service provides access to more than 500 magazines and newspapers, plus information on COVID-19 in the “Breaking News” section.  

The sampling published monthly in Access Press doesn’t represent the full array of programming. Many more programs and books are available. 

Donate to the State Services for the Blind online. 

You can listen to RTB’s live or archived programs online.

Monday – Friday 6 a.m. 

Volume Control, nonfiction by David Owen, 2019. An estimated 37 million Americans have lost some hearing. Fortunately, there is no better time than now to be a person with hearing loss. Read by Roger Sheldon. 10 broadcasts; begins Mon, Nov. 9. 

Physical Intelligence, nonfiction by Scott Grafton, 2020. Neuroscientist Scott Grafton explains that our bodies have the ability to translate signals about distance, materiality, kinesthesia, and other matters. Read by Lannois Neely. 10 broadcasts; begins Mon, Nov. 23. 

Past is Prologue* 
Monday – Friday 11 a.m. 

Lincoln’s Spies, nonfiction by Douglas Waller, 2019. A look at President Abraham Lincoln’s intelligence network, and how it helped defeat the Confederacy. Read by Mike Casper. 17 broadcasts; begins Wed, Nov. 11. 

Monday – Friday noon 

The Beantown Girls, fiction by Jane Healey, 2019. Fiona, Dottie, and Viv volunteer as World War II Red Cross Clubmobile Girls. They soon discover their courage, and the importance of their friendship. Read by Pat Muir. 14 broadcasts; begins Tue, Nov. 17. 

The Writer’s Voice* 
Monday – Friday 1 p.m. 

Prince: The Last Interview, nonfiction by various writers. 2019. The first, last, and best interviews with music legend Prince across his nearly 40-year career. Read by Michelle Juntunen. Three broadcasts; begins Mon, Nov. 16. – L 

Gray Day, nonfiction by Eric O’Neill, 2019. As an FBI agent, cybersecurity expert Eric O’Neill helped capture infamous Russian mole Robert Hanssen. Read by Don Lee. 10 broadcasts; begins Thu, Nov. 19. – L 

Choice Reading* 
Monday – Friday 2 p.m. 

Ivory Lust, fiction by Colin T. Nelson, 2019. A detective and his daughter uncover an international ivory-trafficking network, placing both of their lives in jeopardy. Read by Yelva Lynfield. 15 broadcasts; begins Mon, Nov. 16. – V 

Afternoon Report* 
Monday – Friday 4 p.m. 

The Guarded Gate, nonfiction by Daniel Okrent, 2018. As the 20th century began, American leaders fanned the flames of anti-immigration prejudice. Read by Judy Woodward. 17 broadcasts; begins Thu, Nov. 19. 

Night Journey* 
Monday – Friday 7 p.m. 

Like Lions, fiction by Brian Panowich, 2018. Sheriff Clayton Burroughs’s history involved drugs and moonshine. But when a mob muscles into his Georgia town, he must choose between protecting his family or his heritage. Read by Neil Bright. 10 broadcasts; begins Tue, Nov. 17. –V, L 

Off the Shelf* 
Monday – Friday 8 p.m. 

Courting Mr. Lincoln, fiction by Louis Bayard, 2019. Mary Todd moves to Illinois and meets the awkward but principled Abe Lincoln. His urbane friend Joshua Speed guides Lincoln on the path to romance. Read by Carol McPherson. 16 broadcasts; begins Mon, Nov. 23. 

Monday – Friday 9 p.m. 

The Intelligence Trap, nonfiction by David Robson, 2019. Journalist David Robson explains how general intelligence and other traits are crucial to thinking clearly. Read by Jack Rossmann. 11 broadcasts; begins Mon, Nov. 23. 

Good Night Owl* 
Monday – Friday 10 p.m. 

Sting-Ray Afternoons, nonfiction by Steve Rushin, 2017. Sportswriter and Minnesotan Steve Rushin tells of growing up in a Minneapolis suburb in the 1970s. Read by Glenn Miller. 10 broadcasts; begins Tue, Nov. 17. 

RTB After Hours* 
Monday – Friday 11 p.m. 

Daisy Jones and the Six, fiction by Taylor Jenkins Reid, 2019. An iconic rock band fronted by an electrifying, provocative lead singer conquered the 1970s music scene. So why would they suddenly part ways? Read by Jodi Lindskog. 10 broadcasts; begins Tue, Nov. 17. – L, S 

Weekend Program Books 

Your Personal World, 1 p.m. Sat, presents Renia’s Diary: A Holocaust Journal by Renia Spiegel and Elizabeth Bellak (L), followed by There I Am by Ruthie Lindsey (L), both read by Beverly Burchett. 

Rated R, 11 p.m. Sat, presents The Kids Are Gonna Ask by Gretchen Anthony (L), read by Scott McKinney. 

For the Younger Set, 11 a.m. Sun, presents She Loves You Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Ann Hood, read by Mitzi Lewellen. 

Poetic Reflections, noon Sun, presents Devotions: The Selected Poems of Mary Oliver, read by Myrna Smith. 

The Great North, 4 p.m. Sun, presents Secret Partners by Tim Mahoney, read by Jim Gregorich. 

All times listed are Central Standard Time. 

Abbreviations V – violent content, R – racial epithets, L – strong language, G – gory descriptions, S – sexual situation 

  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself & others from the COVID-19 virus."
  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself, & others from the COVID-19 virus."

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