Remember winter paratransit tips

Remember winter paratransit tips

Winter decided to beat Halloween to the punch this year, with record snowfall in October. As the flakes start flying and the snow starts to pile up, take steps to be ready for your Metro Mobility ride. 

Winter weather can cause delays in travel, even for Metro Mobility. During bad weather, the number one goal is to keep customers and drivers safe. Prepare for scheduled rides with the following actions: 

Keep walkways clear of snow and ice. Metro Mobility drivers will not pick passengers up if there is not a clear pathway and safe access to get to the bus. 

Be ready for delays. On winter weather days when roads and traffic are backed up, some delays are unavoidable. Be prepared for rides to arrive a little later than normal. 

Dress for the weather. Although the ride will be warm, the trip to and from the bus may not be. Put on warm winter gear – even a short wait can be dangerous for people not dressed for the weather. 

Consider rescheduling a trip. When extreme winter conditions exist, it is always safest to stay put. If it’s not a necessary trip, consider making it another day when the weather improves. 

Remember, for scheduling or rescheduling your rides, contact the Twin Cities Metro Mobility Trip Providers. 

Questions? Want to learn more about Metro Mobility and how to schedule rides? Go to the Metro Mobility home page

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