Remembering Charlie

Charlie Smith“If there is one thing that struck me about Charlie it was his good humor. I don’t recall – in all of the times I’ve talked with him – him not having a smile. What a good natured, intelligent man. An extraordinary advocate.” Luther Granquist

“It was my good fortune to have known Charlie since the late ‘70’s. Charlie early on was not going to let the fact that he was in a chair get in the way of living. He was so unique in his understanding and acceptance of his disability and not using it to feel sorry for himself, but to energize him. When I think of Charlie I think of his smile, his sense of humor, and the endless political discussions about disability and social issues. Charlie had a very strong sense of right and wrong, and he was willing to take these convictions to the powers that be and challenge their thinking. I loved Charlie’s entrepreneurial soul. Very few people can take their passion and interests and make a business out of it like Charlie was able to with Access Press. We all have to face our mortality, but we all hope that we leave a legacy, a positive part of us that will live on.” Steve Kuntz

“One of Charlie’s many gifts is that he was an awesome uncle to his nephews and nieces. I’ll always remember how he would perch Alexander on his shoulders and they would zoom down the hall, or his earnest smile as he would say hi to Renee.” Nathan Halvorson

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