Scooters, Bikes, And Ramps, Oh My!

Nestled in a quaint storefront shop in downtown White Bear Lake is Freedom Cars. Clarke and Linda McKinney started the business in 2001 when they recognized how the ability to move around independently greatly enhanced life.

Linda’s Aunt Alice, an active woman, had given up driving her car in her 80’s, and resigned herself to staying stuck at home. When she purchased a scooter, basically sight unseen, she began to enjoy activities outside her home. Still a vibrant and active 97 year old, Alice goes where she wants to go, even though it is on a scooter.

Spurred on by her encouragement, Clarke and Linda left the corporate world, and set up shop. Focusing on mobility for anyone in need, their shop has units available for purchase and rental, on a temporary basis, or a permanent one.

They have recently added adaptive bikes to their shop, along with Sally Brown. Sally comes with a great deal of personal experience in this area, as well as a keen understanding of funding streams. A person with a specialized need for mobility may come to this shop, try out the transportation of their choice, and explore funding options at the same time. This is a departure from the norm of ordering adaptive equipment through a catalogue, or from a website.

Because of the personal attention Clarke, Linda, and Sally give, the shop has attracted customers from all over the Twin Cities, and even farther. The personal attention is outstanding. Offering repair services, along with rental of ramps and other equipment for temporary disabilities or visitors, Freedom Cars serves ages 2-102, ( no kidding). Come and check out the rides at 4711 Clark Avenue in White Bear Lake.