September 1998 Issue

Candidates Speak II – Waiting List Crisis Addressed, by Access Press Staff
They Said He Was a Vegetable, Life or Death – Who Decides? by Kaye Henry
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
Regional CIL Conference a Success, by Lolly Lljewski
Grains of Sand Turning Into Pearls, by Pete Feigal
Social Security Reform Update, Jeff Nygaard
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
National Ministry Leaders Gather, by Marilyn Bishop
Proposed Bill Would Remove Some Barriers to Work, by Laura Hershey
Independent Living in Southeastern Minnesota, by Access Press Staff
Wendys Settles ADA Complaints, by Access Press Staff
Work Incentive Reform Updates, by Lolly Lljewski
Alternative for Home Services, by Access Press Staff
Embracing People with Multiple Identities in the Disability Movement, by Linda Wolford

Thunder Wins National Title, by Craig McClellan & Luke Pedersen

Here’s the September 1998 issue, all-in-one file! (.pdf file)