SpringForward with GiveMN

SpringForward with GiveMN

Spring forward with Access Press during GiveMN’s SpringForwardMN campaign. It’s time to support favorite causes including Minnesota’s disability community newspaper. the drive is May 1-11.

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Access Press and many of its disability community nonprofit partners are bouncing back. The availability of vaccines is encouraging as the state continues to open up.

But the work to rebuild what we had goes on. Many of our advertiser partners continue to have trying times. Many of the community service nonprofits are just beginning to reopen their doors. GiveMN’s campaign helps us and many other nonprofits.

A successful GiveAtHomeMN campaign was held in May 2020. In response to needs shared by our community of nonprofits and schools in a February survey, GiveMN is offering SpringForwardMN.

Access Press has been involved with GiveMN since the beginning. GiveMN is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Launched in 2009 by Minnesota Community Foundation, GiveMN is supported by many generous foundation and corporate partners from around the state, as well as generous individuals.

Today, GiveMN serves more than 10,000 nonprofit organizations and schools across every Minnesota county and more than 304,000 donors who have used GiveMN to make a difference in their communities. Organizations rely on GiveMN to help shatter old-school fundraising models and connect more givers with more causes than ever before.

Go to www.givemn.org and look for Access Press. Thank you for your support.