Start thinking about elections

As in-person events return in Minnesota, those who attend community festivals and fairs may see a familiar sight. Booths urging everyone to register to vote are a fixture at many community events, alongside the kiddie games, face painters and popcorn stands.

Access Press and Ramsey County Elections will be launching a series of public service articles, prior to the November 2 election. A goal is to increase the number of Minnesotans with disabilities who vote. Another goal is to get more people with disabilities interested in becoming election judges.

While the focus is Ramsey County, the information presented will be useful to voters statewide. And while not every Minnesota community will have an election in 2021, the information will be useful for years to come.

In the meantime, here are some voting reminders for Access Press readers. If a community has a primary election, mail voting and early voting started June 25 and will end August 9.

Voters need to register by July 20 to save time on Primary Election day, August 10. Registration will be available at the polls.

For the general election, mail voting and early voting start September 17 and end November 1. Register by October 10 to be able to vote in-person on Election Day, and not have to register at the polls.

Election Day is November 2.

Remember that early voting location may not be the same as where people vote for the primary and general elections, so check in advance.