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Support for Access Press not only provides resources for Minnesota’s statewide disability newspaper, it also can provide last-minute tax deductions […]

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Support for Access Press not only provides resources for Minnesota’s statewide disability newspaper, it also can provide last-minute tax deductions for 2018. Donations great and small help the staff and contributors publish the newspaper. Consider a donation today!

Access Press provides the in-depth news and information Minnesotans with disabilities and the elderly rely on. We cover happenings at the state capitol, at city halls and around the state. Our calendar pages provide information on fun events, rallies and resources to help people lead more inclusive lives in their communities.

Just $20 per year supports one of our drop sites, where community members can pick up a paper.

A $30 donation provides a gift print subscription to someone in need. Many of our readers have disabilities that keep them homebound at times. Reading news online can also be impossible due to physical or financial limitations. Our office gets calls from readers who would very much like a subscription, but even a $30 fee is out of financial reach. Generous donors have allowed us to pay for many gift subscriptions for readers in need. Would you like to be one of  those helpers/donors to help community members on fixed incomes?

Making a tax-deductible donation for a gift subscription or subscriptions helps you and Access Press give the gift of access to vital news and information delivered right to someone’s doorstep. You may have someone in mind, and we would honor that. Or your gift would allow us to say yes, of course, when a request has been called in. Your gift can help us meet requests for the newspaper when those requests come to our office.

We also welcome requests for gift subscriptions for newspapers for libraries, schools, places of worship, activity centers or other places and organizations that advance the inclusion of the disability and elderly communities.

Other gifts help provide support to publish the paper each month, to bring important news, accomplishments in the people and Places pages, calendars and our important Directory of Organizations.

• $50 allows a donor to be at our Friends level sponsorship.
• $75 provides an annual Bronze sponsorship.
• $150 is our Silver Sponsor level, with $500 at the Gold Sponsor level and $1000 at the Benefactor Sponsor level.

Another way to donate is through purchases, and the Amazon Smile program. By designating Access Press when making a purchase, a donation is made to the newspaper.

Many supporters help bring Access Press to readers every month. Advertisers are a key part of our support, too. Please patronize and thank our advertisers and if you know of a business or nonprofit that should be advertising with us, please let us know.

Without Access Press, Minnesotans would disabilities wouldn’t have a comprehensive source of news and information that affects their lives. Help us keep bringing the newspaper to Minnesota’s disability community.

Contact Access Press Executive Director Tim Benjamin at 651-644-2133, [email protected] or just mail your donation in with a note to put it into the Access Press free subscription fund or to denote your donation level.

The mailing address is Access Press, Capitol Ridge Offices, 161 St. Anthony Ave., Suite 910, St. Paul, MN 55103



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