The Information Symbol

The big question mark of the Information Symbol guides people to a place where they can get answers. The symbol may be positioned on a map, a brochure or a sign. If you have a place in your business where people with disabilities can go to get information, please consider making it more accessible by marking it with the Information Symbol.

The most valuable commodity of today’s society is information. For example, a person with a disability needs to know where to find certain information about access and accommodations. The Information Symbol can be a useful way to highlight where thisinfo is located. For example, the symbol may be placed on signage or on a floor plan brochure to indicate the location of the help desk or security desk. The symbol may also indicate a place that provides more specific information or materials concerning accommodations or services, such as “LARGE PRINT” materials, audio cassette recordings of materials, or sign interpreted tours.

Access Press wishes to encourage all of our readers and advertisers—individuals, corporations, non-profit agencies and private companies — to incorporate disability access symbols into the services you provide. It is good business to let everyone know that you are accessible.

For more info about the symbols, or to download electronic TIFF copies, please visit the Graphic Artists Guild at To obtain Mac or PC floppy disk copies of all the symbols, contact the Graphic Artists Guild Foundation at 212-791-3400.