The Ones with the Honey

with a tip of the hat to A.A. Milne   One year in a land we call Minnesota, a great […]

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with a tip of the hat to A.A. Milne


One year in a land we call Minnesota,

a great cry was heard from here to Dakota.

The money is tight we don’t have enough

we must find a solution but it will be tough.

The first to speak out was Governor “Pooh”lenty

who after thinking and thinking and thinking some more

sold his soul for a jar of honey and a little bit more.

The Honey vendors said, “for you to fill this hollow

you must eat all the honey for the words you must follow.”

So he ate and he ate growing his belly times four

till he saw the words spending, no taxes and victim du jour.

Now his belly was full but he still wanted more

so he said to all people behind every door,

“We’ll fix this deficit well we will;

we’ll give the honey to the rich and let the poor foot the bill.

We’ll raise no ones taxes, we’ll cut all the spending

on the victim du jour who’s world will be ending.

Cause the victim du jour is the lowest of low

it’s the ones who need us with no voice to say so.

So since the voice isn’t there to stay our tax axes

we can get through this mess on their needful backses.”

Now his Re“piglet”can friends cried “hip hooray!

our hero our governor has saved us this day.

He gave us a budget that rewards our friends

and keeps our honey flowing from this day till the end.

We may have compassion for those that are needful

but they can’t have our honey not even a spoonful.

They waste it on things we don’t think their needing

so we’ll take our honey back and leave them there bleeding,

with a spoonful of nothing and no way of getting

or growing or learning or working or eating.”

Now the D “eyore”crats over across the way

are far from happy on this auspicious day

many have fought for those without voices

but this year they say the governor choices

are endorsed by the people all over the land

with less than half of the vote and his honey filled hand.

The D“eyore”crats moan, “this isn’t our fault

you people our people you voted us out.

So the fault if it’s given lies strictly with you

although more of you voted for someone other than ‘Pooh.’

We forgot that number from election tim

cause we can’t find a vision and we don’t have the time

to look to our people and ask will you pay

we’ll just kowtow to Pooh bear and fight another day.”

Meanwhile the voiceless and most needful people

live under a bridge or go find a steeple

and ask those that already give every day

to give more and more so we can go play.

And play we will with our honey-dipped money

Re”piglet”cans, D “eyore”crats, and our friend “Pooh”lenty.

The moral of this story if one there may be

is to keep on fighting if you believe

in justice for all and food on the table

for those that are and those that aren’t able

to do for themselves every thing that they should

you may be surprised how much doing they could

if only you give just a little more money

and not give it all to the ones with the honey.

  • Wash your hands! Hands that look can still have icky germs!
  • Work with your care provider to stay healthy. Protect yourself. Vaccines are your best protection against being sick.

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