A great resource, Wasie Pool has made its last splash

A great resource, Wasie Pool has made its last splash

The Wasie Pool has been a resource for Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and for the community for the past 41 years. It was made possible by the Wasie Family Foundation. The family was passionate about having a place to provide services for their child who had a disability. We are grateful for this generous donation and for all the patients and families that have been able to utilize this important resource over the years. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute has utilized the Wasie Pool to provide aquatic physical therapy, fitness programming, and independent exercise opportunities for individuals throughout the years. 

In March, the Wasie Pool was closed as a precaution during the COVID-19 pandemic. After careful consideration, the difficult decision was made in September to keep the Wasie Pool closed permanently. This decision only affects services delivered in the Wasie pool. Land-based services will continue to be provided at: 

  • Courage Kenny Sports & PT- Minneapolis, 2800 Building 
  • Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute outpatient therapy services 
  • Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Stay Fit services 
  • Penny George Institute for Health and Healing- Live Well services 

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute aquatics and therapy are still offered at CKRI’s Golden Valley and Stillwater locations. 

CKRI wellness and pool services are available for people of all ages and abilities. CKRI offers warm water pool classes and services, adaptive fitness centers, fitness classes, personal training and other one-on-one services. 

Visit: https://account.allinahealth.org/services/585 

For additional information contact: 

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