What PPL Has Done Since Its Begining in 1972

Construction and Development (14 years old) • 576 housing units built new or rehabbed • $18.5 million construction/tax base increase […]

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Construction and Development (14 years old)
• 576 housing units built new or rehabbed
• $18.5 million construction/tax base increase
• 162 co-op or leasehold co-op units
• 11 development partnerships formed

Property Management Division (7 years old)
• 210 units owned and/or managed
• 88% minority, 60% single parent female head of household tenants

PPL General Store (4 years old)
• $650 daily sales average
• 5 to 8 employees are minority trainees
• Site of Franklin and Chicago Avenues

Emergency Repair Program (18 years old)
• 1460 home repairs for elderly, handicapped, or disadvantaged poor families

Tool Lending Library (14 years old)
• 25,550 transactions of tool rental
• 468,190 rolls of wallcovering distributed

Youth Employment Program (10 years old)
• 155 high school youth employed
• 169 homes for low income people painted
• teaches job and home maintenance skills

University of Minnesota Housing Design (18 years old)
• 252 student interns worked 25,300 hours with low income clients on home improvements

Urban American Indian Housing (3 years old)
• 12 St. Paul homes acquired and rehabbed, long-term stable rental for families
• 29 homes financed for ownership in Minneapolis ¬approximately $830,000 in loans for first time buyers

PPL Industries, Inc. (9 years old) d.b.a. People Unlimited
• Independent “sister” nonprofit corporation
• 1,000 “harder-to-employ” people have been employed on a full time basis (average 6 months)
• 80 workers graduated into mainstream jobs
• 90% of salaries & wages paid were earned income through labor intensive hand work

PPL Self-Sufficiency Program (2 years old)
• helped 91 families move toward self-sufficiency through counseling and support services
• funded by McKnight Foundation and United Way to work with PPL rental tenants and trainees

PPL S.H.O.P. (2 years old)
• employs and graduates “harder-to-employ” trainees into mainstream jobs through $500/day sales
• upgrades and sells donated surplus office products

And More …
• $1.5 million capital campaign fund drive begun September, 1988
• St. Paul program expansion over $1 million
• assisted 10 minority or women owned businesses
• designated DFZ (Drug Free Zone) in PPL owned property in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
• PPL Square: 1st commercial revitalization at NE corner Franklin & Chicago Avenues

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