What they said: 2009 legislative session

snc00042“It’s not an option. It’s a duty.”
Gov. Tim Pawlenty, at a news conference after the 2009 legislative session adjourned. He will balance the state budget

“At the end of the session (Pawlenty) gave us two choices: Either we do it his way, or he would do it his way. We decided the state needed a better option that balanced the budget while protecting nursing homes, schools, hospitals and property taxpayers. That’s what we passed.”
Rep. Tarryl Clark, DFL-St. Cloud, of the vetoed state budget plan

“The DFL appears to be choosing symbolic debate over tough choices.”
Brian McClung, spokesperson for Gov. Tim Pawlenty

“I hope you never need a family member to need long-term care. I’ve worked here for 28 years and in those years I’ve seen too many cuts, which affect the quality of care. Let’s treat our elders with respect and dignity they so deserve. Their lives should not end when they enter long-term care. Why not start cutting salaries at the top?”
Karen, nursing home worker, in written comments given to state lawmakers

“They have to pay for the bills they pass. It was irresponsible. I’m not going to let it happen.”
Gov. Tim Pawlenty, pointing out that state lawmakers had approved $34 billion in spending over the next two years, when the state would only collect 31 billion in revenue

“I don’t know of any precedent for a governor exercising that kind of unallotment power. He’s really rewritten the rules here. This is kind of an imperial governorship.”
Larry Jacobs, Director, University of Minnesota’s Center for the Study of Politics and Governance.

“I support nursing home workers. No cuts to nursing homes. They take care of precious people.”
Marcia, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) member, in written comments given to state lawmakers only collect $31 billion in revenue through unallotment.

Quotes from the Star Tribune, St. Cloud Times, Pioneer Press, Minnesota Public Radio and UFCW

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