Wheelchair, bike are stolen

Wheelchair, bike are stolen

Two Minnesotans with disabilities had mobility devices stolen in September. A young child in West St. Paul had his wheelchair stolen in late September, according to West St. Paul Police. The child is two years old and lives with cerebral palsy. 

“We would really like to get this back to the young man who depends on this daily,” police said in a social media post. 

Earlier in the month, a Moorhead woman lost a specially equipped bicycle to thieves. While Moorhead Police were able to recover the pink three-wheeled bike days later, it was found damaged and spray painted. 

The woman who owns the bike recently installed security cameras. Footage shows two people lurking near her house before one of them cuts the cable on the locked bike. 

The bike is the woman’s primary way of getting around. Shortly after birth she sustained a stroke, which paralyzed the left side of her body. 

The bike was modified so the brakes were moved to the right-handed handlebar. 

Anyone with information on either case should contact police. 

(Sources: KSTP-TV, InForum)