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 Do you get Access Press in your mailbox each month? We appreciate our subscribers and always welcome new ones.  With […]

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 Do you get Access Press in your mailbox each month? We appreciate our subscribers and always welcome new ones. 

With so many of our usual news stand locations closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, getting the newspaper at home is a necessity for some of our loyal readers. 

A subscription to our print edition is just $30 per year, with low-income subscriptions available. Your $30 subscription payment qualifies as a donation for your tax records. We also welcome donations designated to provide subscriptions for readers who cannot otherwise afford to receive the print newspaper. 

We are working to make our online Access Press more accessible to everyone, since we have readers who cannot read and enjoy our print edition. 

We are updating our subscription list. However, we’ve been unable to access all records that show us when many individual subscriptions were paid for. Subscription payments are due every year and we need everyone’s assistance to update these records. Please call 651- 644-2133 or email access@accesspress. org to tell us how you want to pay for your subscription. 

It’s easy to pay, you can: 

  • Mail a check payable to Access Press, 161 St. Anthony Ave., Suite #910, St. Paul, MN 55103 or 
  • Visit www.testing.accesspress.org and click on “Donate Now” to pay securely by credit card. 

If you have not paid for your subscription in more than one year, it is due. If you wish to continue to receive the newspaper, we need your payment now. We don’t want to start dropping subscribers. 

If you have a subscription but are not receiving the paper, we also need to update your current address. 

If you or someone in your household wants to stop receiving the newspaper, we need to know that too. 

Thank you for reading Access Press

Kay Willshire, Board President

Jane McClure, Managing Editor

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