Your Letters - Thanks to unsung heroes

The upcoming holiday season reminds us to be grateful.

I am an African American woman, living with multiple disabilities. I am grateful for an experience I had crossing an intersection to the downtown light rail train.

I was wheeling in in my motorized wheelchair several years ago in August near the Blue Line light rail train moving west towards downtown Minneapolis. I had just left the I-35W Memorial ceremony for those who died in the bridge collapse.

It felt like a sauna. I was dehydrated. My destination was to drive home to South Minneapolis in my wheelchair.

As I wheeled south into the intersection on a green light and the pedestrian lit, I heard the train horn warning. I could not see the train. I moved partially into the street. Could I cross safely on the green light? I decided to reverse my joystick and return to the curb behind me to wait for the train. When I attempted to do so, my front wheels jammed. I screamed HELP!

Within seconds, two men from opposite directions jumped out of their cars. One ran in front of me, one to my right side. I reversed my joystick as the two strangers pushed me onto the curb cut, jumped back in their cars and drove away. The stoplight changed, the train drove by.

We were all safe. Thank you to the strangers.

Patricia Anita Young